Headless Back Office

Build intelligent new business processes above existing ERP, SaaS and point solutions

Sync your frontend and back office operations

Sync your frontend and back office operations

A headless, cost-efficient approach to modernizing and extending your back office systems

Keeping your back office in real-time sync with your frontend experiences and platforms is a costly proposition as you add new digital channels, suppliers and distributors. It often involves new infrastructure, systems integration and adding user seats to your ERP, CRM, WMS and vendor contracts. Above provides a no code, serverless workspace to ingest, mix and serve key data from your back office systems.

It handles disparate data from anywhere in the world regardless of location or size. And it avoids the concurrency and resource contention problems that occur when running real time data operations at scale across different SQL, NoSQL and object stores.

  • Scale beyond your systems without infrastructure or new seat licenses

  • Inject AI and data science into new business processes

  • Frontend developers and business work together to ship and iterate fast

  • Directly power new interfaces and your existing commerce and DX platforms

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What can you do with merged back office data?

360 customer view

Fuse CRM, marketing, ERP, financial and other data to create a real-time customer profile and act on it

Dynamic pricing

Compare inventory, forecast, POS and other data to move more product

Virtual shopping

Power AR components on your site with backbone operations data

Curbside pickup

Manage inventory picks and coordinate in-person parking lot delivery to customers

Personal shopping

Schedule and manage shopping list builds and personalized collaboration with customers

Service appointments

Enable customers to pick service windows and collaborate on help or fix-it events

Auto replenishment

Give customers the option to subscribe or auto-replenish their stock of your products

Consignment & VMI

Setup an onsite store at customer locations and bill them upon consumption and use

Global inventory

Mix WMS, POS, ERP, 3PL stocks into a constantly updated view of global inventory across warehouses, stores and distributors

Stockout manager

Predict and understand stockouts while reserving to-be-produced product for customers

Reverse logistics

Manage customer returns with in-house and 3PL carriers

Warranty & returns

Track entitlements and manage warranty and refund processing

Data science

Give data engineers and scientists a synced copy of operational data, or create a whole new mashup view for them

Product as a service

Turn your products into services that can be subscribed to, leased or paid for based on output

Mass customization

Manage complex product combinations that customers can configure and get a quote for


Deploy visibility and order pick/ship processes across physical stores and distributors

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