Distributed Backend

for frontend and hardware developers

Deliver fast user interactions at the edge

Deliver fast user interactions at the edge

And ship faster with no code assembly of data models and business logic

Above's global computing network give you an on demand backend service that crunches and delivers data next to your users. Above's distributed computing technology takes care of data replications at the field level, ensuring users everywhere see the same data instantly.

Above couples this network with powerful computing options to assure the highest performance to your users regardless of the data types, speeds and sizes in your application. And because Above is no code, shipping new features out the door is both fast and easy.

  • Quickly assemble powerful enterprise-class backends quickly without having to learn anything

  • Iterate and release constantly without downtime or delay

  • Manage data anywhere to comply with GDPR and emerging privacy regulations

  • Inherent storage and logic resiliency assures uptime

  • Deliver the fastest data interactions with edge compute

Key Features

An easy to use service

Above is neither a database nor serverless functions, it's both capabilites in a fully integrated service that offers an easy, highly productive experience

Unstructured data support

Handle processing and storage of log, document and other unstructured data without needing a separate NoSQL data store

ACID compliant

PostgreSQL is one of many mature technologies used in the service, delivering ACID-compliant transaction processing for enterprise-class use cases

Zero limit compute

Process in real-time or via jobs, with no cold starts or limitations on the size or running time of your logic

Works with other API services

Easily integrate auth, payments, SMS, email, integrations, ERP and other API-based services into your solutions

World class scalability

Edge, in-memory, and distributed processing options give you the power to tackle virtually any vertical or horizontal scaling challenge

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