Secure Data Exchange

For application owners that want full security and control over data exchanged with partners

Exchange data without worries

Exchange data without worries

Create a DMZ between your applications and partners

Above acts as a secure intermediary storage and processing zone to syndicate and exchange data across business units, agencies, systems integrators, distributors, vendors and other trading partners—without exposing your existing backend or DB credentials to any person or system.

You get a variety of tools to replicate data sets and reshape them for specific data consumers:

  • Push data into Above via our inbound API and data mapping tools

  • Join and reshape data into purpose-built views for any party

  • Choose where data should reside from across our multi-cloud network of locations

  • Get granular control with optional field-level and time-based API keys

  • Business users can login and view data sets and reports

  • Partners can manipulate intermediate data via logic agents in the API

Key Features

Full control over who gets access to what

You can create a specific data set, with it's own API key, for each party. Security can be controlled down to the field level and you can set dates and time windows for when the key is active.

Handles all data types

The service handles structured data, unstructured data and files while performing real-time aggregations, calculations and manipulations across massive real-time data sets.

Global edge network

Data can be ingested and then served back out from any of 150 possible edge locations in Above's global, multi-cloud network.

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